01.  Spooky Action At Distance

The term 'spooky action at a distance' was first coined by Albert Einstein to describe the peculiar phenomenon of quantum entanglement. In quantum mechanics, particles can become entangled, meaning their properties become correlated in a way that cannot be explained by classical physics. This correlation persists even when the particles are separated by vast distances, leading to the 'spooky' notion that energy and mass can be interconnected through an uncertain force.

The concept of entanglement challenges our conventional understanding of cause and effect, raising questions about the nature of reality. If particles can instantaneously affect each other despite being separated by vast distances, does this imply that time and space are not as fundamental as we once believed? 
This fashion film draws inspiration from these entanglement phenomena, visually exploring a world of intertwined particles, sounds, energies, and ultimately, minds. Narrated by Albert Einstein, we delve deeper into the quantum world, finding ourselves in a state of wonder as we marvel at the complexity and beauty of the universe.

*published on SHOWstudio 
*published on OE magazine

*shortlist at berlin commercial
*shortlist at Bolton international film festival
*honorable mention at cine pobre film festival

02.    Braun Campaign
                           A total of four films were directed for Braun's digital campaign 'Shave Forward.' The campaign was developed by Artus and aimed to portray young and inspiring influencers and content creators by telling their stories through captivating imagery.

The campaign involved Berlin fashion icon and photographer Dustin Hanke, musician and 'Voice of Germany' winner Juan Geck, London-based model Vincent Rayvon, and fashion expert and designer Timothy Pane.

03. Montblanc & Bmw

A Montblanc for BMW Centennial Fountain Pen will accompany each of the 100 new BMW Individual 7 Series The Next 100 Years autos purchased at BMW dealerships. It marks the 100th anniversary of BMW, while it also marks 110 years of fine pen making for Montblanc, thus the reason for the collaboration.

For this new Montblanc for BMW Centennial Fountain Pen, Zaim Kamal, Creative Director at Montblanc International, and Karim Habib, Head of BMW Design, reprised the recognizable pattern of the BMW’s Merino leather interior on the intricate grid design of the pen’s cap and barrel. And the vibrant blue of the resin visible beneath the rhodium-plated skeletonized metal mirrors the shade of the car. The piston-filled fountain pen’s 18-karat rhodium-plated gold nib repeats the BMW “7” pattern in its engraving, and the famous Montblanc snowcap emblem—in quartz set in black onyx—crowns the pen. Each of the 100 writing instruments comes in a blue calfskin pouch.

04. Sarracenia

Sarracenia, the organism whose roots are dependent on the untamed flesh of foraging insects. The wings of butterflies, the spine of the beetle. Its night prowl festering, as the beam drunken moth settles itself, only to be snatched to a place far darker than the night. Its veins slither at every swallow following the fate of any unfortunate being of fragility, to assure itself on Sarracenias embedded petal womb. For he himself is hunted by a pest far greater than he, alas the Root Borer who will eat its way from the inside out. For the victimised insects will never know, the hunger of the predator lies in the fear of its own.

*winner best actress at uk fashion film festival
*nominated for best fashion film at uk fashion film festival 
*shortlisted at berlin commercial
*shortlisted at sarajevo fashion film festival
*finalist at global shortfilms award

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