Omid's artistic vision draws inspiration from the aesthetics of 90s album covers and music videos. Growing up as an immigrant in a small, impoverished town, these visuals became his gateway into a world of art and self-expression and creativity.

After pursuing a musical career as a guitar player in his younger years, Omid has since become an renowned photographer and director, specialising in fashion and lifestyle.

In parallel with his commercial projects, Omid expresses himself through personal projects that highlight deeper perspectives through philosophical and metaphysical ideas, which he translates into films and photography, always incorporating fashion and artistic elements.

His work has gained recognition from industry luminaries such as Nick Knight and has been featured in various international magazines and film festivals, including the UK Fashion Festival, Berlin Commercial Festival, Ciclope and Bolton International Film Festival.

He is constantly exploring new ideas and pushing his own limits to evolve as a creative thinker and explorer with each project he undertakes.

Moira Matthews
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Omid Aghdami

Lippmannstraße 79,
22769 Hamburg Germany
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