02.  Spooky Action At Distance

The term 'spooky action at a distance' was first coined by Albert Einstein to describe the peculiar phenomenon of quantum entanglement. In quantum mechanics, particles can become entangled, meaning their properties become correlated in a way that cannot be explained by classical physics. This correlation persists even when the particles are separated by vast distances, leading to the 'spooky' notion that energy and mass can be interconnected through an uncertain force.

The concept of entanglement challenges our conventional understanding of cause and effect, raising questions about the nature of reality. If particles can instantaneously affect each other despite being separated by vast distances, does this imply that time and space are not as fundamental as we once believed? 
This fashion film draws inspiration from these entanglement phenomena, visually exploring a world of intertwined particles, sounds, energies, and ultimately, minds. Narrated by Albert Einstein, we delve deeper into the quantum world, finding ourselves in a state of wonder as we marvel at the complexity and beauty of the universe.

*published on SHOWstudio 
*published on OE magazine
*finalist uk fashion film festival
*shortlist at berlin commercial
*shortlist at bolton international film festival
*honorable mention at cine pobre film festival
*shortlist at sarajevo fashion festival

Omid Aghdami

based in hamburg

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22769 Hamburg Germany

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